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Thiago Moraes

Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil,  He attended the Rudolf Steiner Waldorf school, known for its philosophy in valuing art among other disciplines. He developed even further his taste for art by attending the School Chorus and performing in Carnegie Hall, New York in 1995. He was then cast as the lead character in his first theatre play, “Os Fisicos”, from Friedrich Dürrenmatt, igniting his passion for the craft of acting.
Being a graduate of the Faculty of Cinema Direction and Production, Thiago pursued his love for the TV and Film Industry and landed himself work as a Casting Producer and Acting Coach. He directed and produced the TV show “Programa Moviola”, about the production of short films in the Brazilian market and new talents in the audio-visual market.



Rafael Bonatto

Originally from Brazil, Rafael studied design and computer graphics in Rome at the European Institute of Design and has worked at production studios around the world including, most recently, Digipost in New Zealand. He is highly skilled in all aspects related to 3D animation, design and video production and has worked on projects for TV, cinema, websites and advertising.

Rafael has a passion for photography, particularly in the areas of photojournalism, lifestyle, dancing and fashion. In his spare time he enjoys extreme sports like surfing, skating, snowboarding, technical diving and climbing.


Artur Francisco

Artur arrived in Auckland in 2008, looking for the Great Outdoors that this big little country has to offer. After living in the south island for 2 years, he decided to come back to Auckland, and got involved with NZ’s Film Industry, participating in different TV series – including Legend of the Seeker, Spartacus and Power Rangers.

He has a passion for cinema, languages and literature.